Together we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Ready! For Kindergarten

What We Do

 We are PLEF – The Priest Lake Education Foundation. With your help, we are making a difference for Priest Lake community children.  By partnering with our local school district and its educators, we have been able to bring early educational opportunities to Priest Lake children that did not previously exist in our community.  Find out More >>

PLEF Programs

PLEF currently provides for ongoing programs benefiting families in the Priest Lake community, Ready! For Kindergarten , Priest Lake Preschool and grants for Priest Lake Elementary.  All are provided at no charge to area families.  The funding for these programs come from generous corporate and private donations and fun’d raising events such as [email protected] Lake, a June wine tasting event and Kidstock- a concert on the lake, held each July at Hill’s Resort. Read More >>

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Our goal is to provide funding for educational needs in our community, that without our support, would not otherwise be met. We are encouraging community support for the Priest Lake School District while promoting excellence in our local education that our children have available to them. Find out More >>

How to Get Involved

We recognize that there are many ways to contribute to PLEF.  Some of our most valuable contributions are people giving us their time! If you’d like to get involved by volunteering your time to any of our fundraising events, CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER.

We believe that early childhood education and quality education is integral to the overall health of our community. Your donation to PLEF is a simple, yet powerful way to support our mission. CLICK HERE TO DONATE >>

Fundraising Events